Best in Black Awards Celebration
October 20, 2018
Clayborn Temple

5:30 pm - Black Carpet VIP Reception ($50 includes Awards show)
6:45 pm - Black Balloon Tribute to Bernal E. Smith, II
7:15 pm - The 2018 Best in Black Awards “A New Era” ($35 Show only)


The Best in Black Awards is a Dynamic Annual Survey/Popularity Contest/Public Opinion Poll and Awards Event/Celebration.

  • Online web-based public “ratings” of the “Best” black owned and black supported businesses across various sectors in the Memphis Metro area. 125,700 votes cast in 2013. 225,350 votes cast in 2014. 330,176 votes cast in 2015, and 585,250 in 2016, and 712,019 in 2017.  We are expecting over 800,000 votes to be cast this year.

The first component of BIB begins with a region wide marketing campaign to create awareness and buzz about the event and drive traffic to the website to nominate and vote.

Online votes will be taken from September 17th through October 8th.  Winners are those that receive the most votes. The top 3 in each category are invited to awards event where the winners will be announced. 

On October 20th, 2018 we will host a high energy interactive and entertaining awards event announcing and honoring the 2018 winners.

A special section in the October 25th, 2018 edition of the New Tri-State Defender will highlight winners, sponsors and pictures from the awards event as well as on 



Sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available call 901.523.1818

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