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How to nominate:

Thank you for participating in the Best in Black Awards Nominations!! You may nominate people/businesses in one category, a few select categories or every category.  You may also nominate yourself! Please provide as much of the information requested as possible (be thorough!) so we may notify the nominee of their confirmed nomination and instruct them on next steps.   Also please feel free to let them know that you nominated them as well.   We do not share with nominees who actually nominated them, but don’t mind if you do. You may nominate as many deserving people/businesses as you like in the same category but will have to submit a new form for each one.  Only the top ten nominees in each category will move on to the voting round.  

You will be able to nominate businesses in any or all of the following categories:


  1. Best Attorney
  2. Best Doctor
  3. Best Dentist
  4. Best Female Solo Artist
  5. Best Male Solo Artist
  6. Best Band
  7. Best Local Television Personality
  8. Best Local Radio Personality
  9. Best Radio DJ
  10. Best Event DJ
  11. Best Comedian
  12. Best Actor
  13. Best Actress
  14. Best Church Choir
  15. Best Community Choir


  1. Best Boutique
  2. Best Clothing Designer
  3. Best BBQ
  4. Best Soul Food
  5. Best Wings
  6. Best Non-Profit Organization (fully vetted)
  7. Best in Fitness
  8. Best Original Art (Paintings)
  9. Best Spoken Word
  10. Best Author/Writer
  11. Best in Social Media Posts
  12. Best Blogger
  13. Best Barber Shop
  14. Best Beauty Salon
  15. Best Barber
  16. Best Beautician


  1. Best Nail Technician
  2. Best Detailing/Car Wash
  3. Best Event Planner
  4. Best Make-Up Artist
  5. Best Photographer
  6. Best Videographer Owned Business (Under 20 years old)
  7. Best Niche Business
  8. Best Home Based Business
  9. Best Sorority
  10. Best Fraternity
  11. Best High School
  12. Best Alumni Association
  13. Rising Star (Someone who's been in business 2 years or less)
  14. Living Legend



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